Why us

More and more travelers are learning about – and taking advantage of – EU 261 Regulations. This law was passed in 2004 and entitles some travelers to flight delay compensation for flights within the EU, departing from the EU or on EU-registered airlines.
As airline delay compensation becomes more popular, there are many companies popping up that offer to represent you in your claim for compensation. But don’t be fooled by companies that aren’t authorized, aren’t straightforward with their prices and won’t fight for you when your airline refund policy says “no” to your claim.Here’s why you should choose TravelRefund to get your EU flight delay compensation:

We’re an Authorized EU Flight Delay Compensation Representative

Did you know that only authorized companies can legitimately recover your airline delay compensation? You should always use a representative who is authorized by the national police in one of the member states to carry out debt collection.
There are a number of rules in the collective bargaining law to ensure that you, as a consumer, do not risk being cheated or accidentally accused of illegal collection. It requires authorization from the police for debt collection!

We’re Up Front About Your Airline Delay Compensation

Other agencies use vague language like “minus costs and fees” to get around telling you how much they really take as their fee. It’s true that your final flight delay reimbursement will always depend on the legal costs and fees demanded by the individual collection agency. But what this language really means is that you better read the fine print, or you stand the chance of ending up with far less money than expected.

However, EU flight delay compensation is set by law and does not differ from claim agency to claim agency. You can get up to €600 if your plane was delayed or canceled or if you were denied boarding. The only difference between agencies is that some will fight harder to get you your reimbursement – and some are up-front about their prices.

At TravelRefund, we’re that type of agency. We value transparency, and we want you to know what you can expect, every step of the way. To achieve this, we have flipped the “pricelist” upside down.

Below you can see how much you will get paid to your account. And if we don’t win your airline delay compensation, you don’t owe us anything.

Your trip was
Case goes to court
Case does NOT go to court
Under 1.500 km and delayed more than 3 hours
€ 120
€ 175
1.500-3.500 km and delayed more than 3 hours
€ 180
€ 285
Over 3.500 km and delayed between 3-4 hours
€ 140
€ 215
over 3.500 km and delayed more than 4 hours
€ 280
€ 435

We Understand Airline Refund Policies

The airlines receive thousands of claims each day from both individuals and from companies that collect compensations on behalf of passengers. You can be the first in line to get paid when you use a professional, authorized EU flight delay compensation company.

That’s because many airlines ask: “Can I get away with not paying this compensation?” They look at the EU airline refund policy and often try to use the “extraordinary circumstances” loophole to avoid paying. This means they give reasons like flights being canceled due to weather in order to not pay your claim.

So ask yourself this: If you were the airline, do YOU think you could get away with not paying? If you were facing an individual filer, maybe. But not when the traveler has Travel Refund on their side.

We’ll Fight for Your Airline Delay Compensation

All claims collected via TravelRefund are handled by ACEA Law, which is one of Europe’s leading law firms when it comes to airplane compensations. We go all the way for our clients. All the time. Every time.

If the airline does not pay your compensation and does not show valid proof for why they should not pay compensation, we take them to court. Every time. The airlines know that they cannot simply make excuses with us. Our lawyers will leave no stone unturned when collecting your compensation.

Your Flight Delay Reimbursement Is Always No Cure, No Pay

We always treat your case of airline delay compensation as “no cure, no pay!” That means it will not cost you a penny if we do not get compensation for you.

When you charge us with collecting your compensation, it is a simple success/fail scenario. Either you get your compensation, or you don’t. You will never get a bill from us that is not accompanied by an even larger payment from the airline.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs to get them all answered. The most important thing is that no matter how you flip it, you can never lose money using TravelRefund. That is a guarantee.

Asta has flown with Norwegian Air Shuttle and has received: 467 €

Cecilie has flown with EasyJet and has received: 388 €

Bent has flown with KLM and has received: 623 €

Tommy has flown with EasyJet and has received: 623 €

Thea has flown with Ryanair and has received: 383 €

Ida has flown with Ryanair and has received: 383 €

Lars has flown with Ryanair and has received: 383 €

Leif has flown with Norwegian Air Shuttle and has received: 1.246 €

Henrik has flown with Ryanair and has received: 958 €

Jákup has flown with British Airways and has received: 388 €

Jan has flown with Scandinavian Airlines System and has received: 623 €

Eva has flown with Norwegian Air Shuttle and has received: 582 €

Anna Sofie has flown with Norwegian Air Shuttle and has received: 194 €

Maja has flown with KLM and has received: 623 €

Linda has flown with Norwegian Air Shuttle and has received: 623 €