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We take from 19.8% when we win the case!

There are many companies offering to represent you in your claim for compensation, and more start up every day. When choosing who is the right representative for your, here are 3 things to be mindful of:

Avoid contributing to illegal collection.Use a representative who is authorized by the national police in one of the member states to carry out debt collection.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing who is going to bring your case of compensation – whether you choose or one of our competitors – is that you choose someone who can legitimately bring the case to you. Otherwise you can quickly get into trouble.

There are a number of rules in the collective bargaining law to ensure that you as a consumer do not risk being cheated or accidentally accused of illegal collection. It requires authorization from the police for debt collection!

Put yourself in the airlines place Be the first in line to get paid!

The airlines receive thousands of claims each day, from companies that collect compensations on behalf of passengers. When choosing a partner to assist you with your claim, try to put yourself in the airlines position and ask; “can I get away with not paying this compensation?”.

All claims collected via TravelRefund are handled by ACEA Law, which is one of Europe’s leading law firms when it comes to airplane compensations. We go all the way for our clients. All the time. Every time.

If the airline does not pay your compensation, and does not show valid proof for why they should not pay compensation, we take them to court. Every time. The airlines know, that they cannot simply make excuses with us. Our lawyers will leave no stone unturned, when collecting your compensation.

So ask yourself this: If you were the airline, do YOU think you could get away with not paying?

If we don’t collect your compensation, you will never get a bill!No cure, no pay. Always.

When you charge us with collecting your compensation, it is a simple success/fail scenario. Either you get your compensation or you don’t. You will never get a bill from us that is not accompanied by an even larger payment from the airline.

No matter how you flip it, you can never lose money using TravelRefund. That is a guarantee.

First advice

Choose a collaborator with debt collection from the Police!

Second advice

Always get a no cure, no pay solution!

Third advice

Ask yourself "would I pay compensation to them here?