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Flight Delay Compensation: What You Should Know

If your flight was taking off or landing in the EU and was delayed, flight delay compensation might be an on the table. In the event of a delay, you could get up to €600, depending on the circumstances. Potential flight delay compensation is a result of EC Regulation 261, passed in 2004.

EU 261 Explained

Who does the EC Regulation 261/2004 apply to? Any passenger who has a valid ticket and booking confirmation that start their trip at an EU airport, or land at an airport in the EU, provided that the airline is also headquartered in the EU, could be entitled to flight delay compensation.

EU 261 compensation was implemented as a way to protect passengers against travel disruptions, and any inconvenience that otherwise could have been prevented by the airline. The regulation also requires airlines to inform their passengers of flight delays and cancellations, as well as what rights they have in regards to compensation from the airline.

How flight delay compensation works

Going after compensation for a flight delay in the EU can be intimidating at first. Allow us to explain how the whole process works.

The amount of compensation is negotiable, to a certain extent. It’s capped at €600, and it does not differ from claim agency to claim agency, regardless of how the process is promoted.

Flight delay compensation is dependent on the length of the delay and distance traveled, rather than the price you paid for the ticket. There are a few different tiers that consider how these factors combine, which one do you fall into?

  • Under 1,500 km and delayed more than 3 hours
  • Between 1,500-3,500 km and delayed more than 3 hours
  • Over 3,500 km and delayed between 3-4 hours
  • Over 3,500 km and delayed more than 4 hours

We have found that agencies will promote that they can get “up to €600 minus costs and fees”, in compensation for potential clients. What is most important to us here at TravelRefund, is the answer to one simple question. How can we maximize your travel refund?

Comparing Options and Potential Pricing Structures

Dealing with a delayed flight and going after compensation can be a draining experience as the airline might make you jump through bureaucratic hoops to get what you are due. Ultimately, flight delays happen, and you need to be prepared.

We promise to always treat your compensation case as “no cure, no pay!” That means, if we do not get a compensation, it will not cost you a penny. There will also be differences in your compensation based on whether or not the case goes to court.

TravelRefund values transparency, and we clearly outline our flight compensation price list so that there are no miscommunication along the way. If you are interested in learning more about our pricelist, or you wish to check on your options when making a EU flight delay compensation request, all you need to do is fill out our online form.