Easyjet Flight Compensation

easyJet is a popular budget airline that was established in 1995. Its headquarters are at London Gatwick Airport, but easyJet flies to more than 150 airports worldwide on over 1,000 routes. It has a good record for on-time flights, with just over 80 percent leaving within 15 minutes of their scheduled times in 2018. That’s the fourth best UK airline!

However, it’s always possible to encounter delays and cancellations with any airline. It’s important for travellers to be aware of their rights to easyJet delay compensation and be prepared to handle the situation. Don’t let a flight delay or cancellation ruin your trip. EU 261 is here to protect you and all EU air passengers.

easyJet Cancelled Flight Compensation

If your flight has been cancelled outright, it’s easy to tell if you’re eligible to file an easyJet compensation claim. As long as your flight was cancelled with less than 14 days notice, you could be entitled to compensation. How much compensation will you get? That depends on the length of your flight:

You’ll also be entitled to a refund of your ticket price, in addition to the amounts listed above. But keep in mind, EU 261 only entitles you to these amounts if your flight was cancelled by easyJet. If you change plans, get sick, or otherwise choose to cancel your own trip, you won’t be covered.

easyJet Delay Compensation

Determining if you’re eligible for easyJet flight delay compensation is a little bit more complicated. You’ll need to calculate whether you will arrive – or would have arrived – at your destination at least 3 hours later than planned. It is not enough if your flight leaves your origin airport 3 hours later than it was originally supposed to. Eligibility for an easyJet claim is based on arrival time.

That leaves the question: What is arrival time? The EU courts have answered that question: The plane’s arrival time is the time at which it opens at least one of its doors. If you fit these time requirements, the next step is to determine how much easyJet delay compensation you’re entitled to. It depends on how long you are delayed as well as the length of your flight.

Delay Length Flight Length Amount
3 hours or more Less than 1,500km € 250
3 hours or more Between 1,500km and 3,500km €400
3-4 hours More than 3,500km, between an EU and non-EU airport €300
4 hours or more More than 3,500km, between an EU and non-EU airport €600

easyJet Flight Overbooking Compensation

Overbooking flights is a common tactic for airlines who want to maximize their profits. Airlines purposefully sell more tickets than there are seats on the plane, assuming that not all passengers will show up. That way, there are no empty seats on the plane, and the flight is more profitable. But this strategy can backfire and result in an overbooked flight – and you could be the one getting bumped. Luckily, you can file an easyJet compensation claim in this situation.

Overbooking is nearly always the fault of the airline, meaning you’ll be entitled to easyJet delay compensation if you’ve been bumped for this reason. However, there are other legitimate reasons easyJet may deny you boarding, for example, if you have been drinking, you’re too ill to travel or you don’t have the right documents. These decisions are based on the best judgement of the crew. If they deny you boarding for one of these reasons, you would not be able to file an easyJet claim.

Conditions to Meet in Order to Make an easyJet Compensation Claim

Once you’ve determined whether you’re eligible to make an easyJet compensation claim based on your flight length and time of delay, there are a few more criteria to think about. You must also meet the following qualifications:

One of the most important criteria is whether the reason for the cancellation or delay was within the airline’s control. Situations not within easyJet’s control, like weather, natural disasters, birds flying into engines, airport and airspace closures and political unrest, are called “extraordinary circumstances.” The airline is not responsible for delays or cancellations due to these reasons.

You will be entitled to easyJet delay compensation if the reason for the delay was within the airline’s control. This includes things like overbooked flights, under booked flights, staffing problems and mechanical issues. EU 261 seeks to hold airlines responsible for these types of situations so that they have a reason to improve their internal processes.

What Other Passenger Rights Do You Have?

EU 261 provides other passenger rights beyond easyJet flight delay compensation. First, you are always entitled to a refund of your ticket price for cancelled flights, regardless of the reason for the cancellation. The airline may offer to re-route you on the earliest available flight – but if that doesn’t work for you, you can just take the refund. Again, this is separate from the additional compensation you may be eligible for and is always available to you.

For delayed flights, easyJet will most likely try to put you on the next available flight. In this case it’s important to know that if you end up being delayed more than 5 hours, you don’t have to take the next available flight. The airline is then obligated to arrange alternate transportation or fly you back to your origin point, free of charge. On top of that, you may be entitled to easyJet delay compensation.

If you need to wait for the next available flight, you’re also entitled to certain accommodations under EU 261. While you wait, the airline must provide assistance such as meals and refreshments, phone calls or emails, and a hotel reservation if you need to wait overnight, as well as transportation to and from the airport. If they don’t provide you with vouchers, be sure to save your receipts. You can add this amount to your easyJet compensation claim.

Travel Tips for easyJet Flight Delays and Cancellations

Sometimes you won’t be able to avoid a delayed or cancelled flight. But you don’t have to let it ruin your trip. Here’s how to stay on top of the situation and ensure you’re able to make a successful easyJet compensation claim:

Stay alert:

Get to your gate early and be aware of any signs your flight may be delayed or cancelled, like a lot of activity or a lot of staff around. By being aware, you’ll be able to be first in line at the desk – and first in line for the next available flight.

Join the rewards program:

Frequent flyers and those who are rewards members will often get a preference when it comes to the next available flight. If you fly often, consider joining.

Know your rights:

Being aware of what you’re entitled to, as we’ve outlined above, is your most powerful tool for not only getting on the next flight or getting the accommodations you’re entitled to, but also for making a successful easyJet claim.

What Information Do You Need to File an easyJet Claim?

Always ask at the gate for the reason that your flight is delayed or cancelled, and get it in writing if possible. There are many reasons your easyJet flight may not be on time, from employee strikes to volcano eruptions. Even if the airline gives a reason that seems straightforward, such as the weather, it may be open to interpretation in the courts.

For example, perhaps there were high winds at your destination airport – but they weren’t high enough to prevent landing. The real reason for your delay was a mechanical issue. These are the types of situations that the courts will investigate when you file an easyJet compensation claim, and any documentation you can provide will be essential.

Always save your booking confirmation and your boarding pass, to prove that you had a valid reservation, as well as the date and time of the flight. These may be needed to make a claim. Finally, if the airline doesn’t provide you with vouchers, save any receipts for food, refreshments or accommodations you paid for while you waited for the next flight. You may be able to get reimbursed for these expenses under EU 261.

How to Make an easyJet Compensation Claim

Once you’ve gathered all your documentation, it’s easy to file a claim for easyJet delay compensation using TravelRefund. You can make a claim on our website, and we’ll review it as soon as possible. We’ll get in touch with the airline and take care of all communication from that point forward. This is typically the most time-intensive part of the process, as airlines often drag their feet when it comes to communication. Having a professional on your side can really help ensure the process is quick and smooth.

At TravelRefund, we’re the experts on easyJet delay compensation, cancelled flight refunds and more. We’ll fight to determine the real reason for your flight delay, and even take the airline to court if necessary. And it’s all under a no cure, no pay system. That means you only pay if we win.

Still have questions? We can answer all your questions about easyJet compensation claims. Contact us today.

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