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European Flight Cancellations and Compensation

There are plenty of reasons that bring an airline to cancel a flight. Limited staffing and aircraft maintenance issues are common culprits, but bad weather or other safety risks are sometimes responsible.

In the event of a canceled flight within 14 days of departure, you may be entitled to compensation from the airline.

Explaining Passengers Rights: Are You Eligible?

As a passenger, you have certain rights to compensation in the event of a flight cancellation, and the airline has certain obligations to fulfill. These obligations include informing you of your rights if a situation requires it.

You might be entitled to flight cancellation compensation from a European airline, depending on the circumstances. It’s important to be aware of your rights so that you can get what you’re owed.

The European Passenger Rights Regulation EC 261/04 protects passengers against more than just flight cancellations. It covers lengthy delays, missing a connecting flight due to airline error, and overbooked flights as well.

The regulation applies to passengers with a valid ticket and booking confirmation who begin their trip at an airport in the EU, or land at an airport in the EU. Another caveat to consider is that the airline also must be headquartered in the EU, and the reason for the cancellation must be within their control.

Your right to compensation depends on the reason for the cancellation. Whether or not the airline was holding up their end of the bargain and fulfilling their obligations also comes into play. These obligations include communicating the status of your flight and minimizing the inconvenience that typically comes with a canceled flight. If extraordinary circumstances are the reason for your cancellation and it’s outside of the airlines’ control, flight delay compensation does not apply.

What Type of Compensation Are You Owed?

The European Passenger Rights Regulation EC 261/04 states that passengers are entitled to as much as €600 for a canceled flight. An important point to note is that the amount of compensation owed doesn’t account for how much your ticket cost. Instead, compensation is determined by the distance of the canceled flight.

Depending on the specifics of your situation you are also entitled to necessary accommodations from the airline. This can include a meal and refreshments while you wait for the next available flight. In the event of the cancellation extending to the next day, the airline is obligated to provide further accommodations, including hotel reservations and means of transportation.

The airline is obligated to offer you another flight to the same destination. Otherwise, they are required to refund your ticket as a form of compensation for your flight cancellation.

Claiming Your Flight Cancellation Compensation

Gathering all of the necessary documents and validating your compensation claim can be a daunting task. If you are dealing with a recently canceled flight and want to file a claim for compensation, TravelRefund is here to help.

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