European passenger traffic reached nearly 95 percent of pre-pandemic levels in 2023

European passenger traffic reached nearly 95 percent of pre-pandemic levels in 2023. This is despite inflationary pressures with the associated higher air fares and severe geopolitical tensions. The latest traffic data from the European branch of the airport trade assoc... Read more

Lufthansa’s ground staff strike on Wednesday 7 February – up to 90 percent of flight departures canceled

Lufthansa airline and its customers face the next major strike as its ground staff stop work at 5 German airports on Wednesday morning, February 7. Hundreds of flights and more than 100,000 passengers are expected to be affected. What this means for the passengers and w... Read more

Major strike at german airports 1 February

11 of Germany’s largest airports were hit by strikes on Thursday 1 February. Several airports had to cancel all their departures, and up to 200,000 passengers were affected. The German trade union Verdi announced a one-day strike for its security and baggage handling membe... Read more

European air traffic statistics in 2023

According to new data on European air traffic from Eurocontrol, the number of flights was 10 percent higher in 2023 with an estimated 10.2 million flights recorded compared to 2022. The European Air Traffic Control Organization, Eurocontrol, provides a detailed s... Read more

European routes among the most turbulent flights in the world

The world’s most turbulent flight routes have been revealed. Several European flights are founded on the top ten list according to a new report. Turbulence during a flight can strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned air travelers. Turbulence is usually nothin... Read more

Strikes that may affect your flight in January

Strike among staff at European airports and airlines are unfortunately a regular situation, causing both cancellations and delays. While many strikes are planned months in advance, others are announced at the final moment. That’s why it’s always a good idea to stay up to date – del... Read more

Airline strike – your rights if the flight is canceled or delayed

Strikes among airport and flight staff can cause your flight to be delayed or even cancelled. But in which cases are you entitled to compensation? Read more about your rights as an air passenger when experiencing flight disruption due to are a strike. Flights in the EU that ... Read more

The world’s most popular flight and airport of 2023

The most popular flight route takes only 60 minutes. Nevertheless, it is the world’s busiest air route. The annual review of the world ’ s busiest flight routes and airports of 2023 is now revealed. It is the global travel data provider, O... Read more

Five out of the world’s ten most stressful airports are located in Europe

Since your air travel journey always begin at the airport, the experience through it sets the tone for the rest of your holiday. A new study reveals the world’s most stressful airport to travel through – among the five most delayed airports worldwide, four are European. ... Read more

The ten most popular travel destinations this winter, according to Airbnb

Japan is making a comeback this winter, just as big cities in Asia and South America are catching travelers’ attention. Airbnb has published this winter’s most popular travel destinations. Which one do you dream of traveling to? Airbnb has named the most popular travel d... Read more

Norwegian is among the most punctual in Europe

Airlines are fighting a tough battle for passengers. It is particularly important to observe the departure and arrival times, which can be difficult in the winter season. Nevertheless, Norwegian is among the most punctual airline in Europe. In the winter season, the difficul... Read more

Time Limit for Flight Delay compensation: What you should know?

Christmas and New Year are one of the most popular times for a trip. But the vision of a relaxing holiday far away from home can end up being a nightmare, if the flight is cancelled or delayed. A delayed flight often ends up costing you extra money and off course a lot of st... Read more

Christmas holiday: This is the cheapest way to fly home for Christmas

You should book your airline tickets now, if you plan to fly home or away before Christmas Eve. With Christmas fast approaching, the battle for the cheapest airline tickets has already begun. When planning to fly home or away for Christmas, there is one question that always ... Read more

Thousands of flights is canceled in France at the beginning of 2024

Travelers flying to and from the French capital Paris in January and February 2024 should prepare for disruption. Thousands of flights will be canceled due to a comprehensive technical modernization of the French air traffic control systems. The ambitious upgrade of... Read more

Frankfurt Airport introduces biometric and contactless air travel

Check-in, baggage drop-off, security check, and boarding: Passengers often have to find their boarding pass at the airport. At Frankfurt Airport, your face will become your boarding pass in the future. In the future, passengers at Frankfurt Airport will be able to use the op... Read more

Eurostat: Commercial flights in the summer still below 2019 level

According to the statistical office of the European Union, Eurostat, the number of commercial flights within the EU grew this summer compared to the previous year, although it is still lower than before the pandemic in 2019. The number of commercial flights in the EU was bel... Read more

Lufthansa confirms launch of new airline in 2024

Lufthansa Group has confirmed in a press release that its newly established subsidiary called City Airlines will start flights in the summer of 2024. The newly founded Lufthansa subsidiary, City Airlines, will start operations in the summer of 2024. This was announce... Read more

Jet lag can be avoided with the right eating habits, according to new research

A hearty breakfast instead of a midnight snack can minimize jet lag, according to a new study. “To travel is to live”, was written by the Danish author H.C. Andersen in 1855 in The True Story of My Life. He loved traveling the world. The quote has since resonated not onl... Read more

Europe’s Leading Airport 2023 named for the 20th time in a row

World Travel Awards has just named Europe’s leading airport. The winner has received the World Travel Award in this category for the 20 th time in a row, and that’s no coincidence. Zurich International Airport in Switzerland is once again the winner in... Read more

How long before a flight should I arrive at the airport?

When traveling by air, the most important thing is to be at the airport in good time – early enough to check in your bagage, deal with queues and go through the security procedure. But how early should you get to the airport before departure? You will find the answer in this article. ... Read more

To travel is to live

Why do we feel so good when we travel? Is it the prospect of new surroundings? Is it the endless amount of delicious, exotic food? Is it the meeting with new people from exciting new cultures? Or maybe is it something completely else on a much deeper level that pushes us to learn more an... Read more

What is jet lag and how do you avoid its disruptive effects?

For many, one of the greatest joys in life is traveling and exploring new areas of the world. However, the adventurous joy comes with its downside. Jet lag affects us all on longer flights, as our internal clock gets out of sync. Jet lag is roughly similar to a hangover – yet, with the... Read more

Digital coupons make air travel easier in case of delays

Norwegian has received good feedback after the introduction of digital coupons. The digital coupons are already used by leading airlines, and they make air travel easier in the event of delays or cancellations. According to EU regulation 261/04, passengers have the right to ... Read more

These airports were the worst delayed in 2022

Half of all flights in Europe were delayed in summer 2022 and nearly 2.000 flights were cancelled every day last year, according to a report. These airports had the most delays. Last summer was particularly tough on the aviation industry. The lack of preparedness resulted in... Read more

European airline introduces child-free zone

Do you want to ensure that you can have a relaxed flight without the risk of being disturbed by the incessant crying and screaming of children? This European airline now has the solution for you. Who hasn’t complained about having to endure a flight surrounded by screaming... Read more

Fly faster than the speed of sound with Overture

In the year 2029, you can fly from London to New York in about three and a half hours – today it takes about eight hours. It almost sounds too good to be true, but that is nevertheless what the aircraft manufacturer, Boom Supersonic, is promising with its supersonic airliner Overture. ... Read more

The number of flights in Europe increases – but with great national variations

The European aviation industry continues to move towards the record year 2019 – albeit with large national variations and an uncertain future after the peak Summer months. Air traffic in Europe is extremely resilient despite the uncertain economic environment in the first ... Read more

How to beat jet lag

When you travel and fly across multiple time zones, you may experience jet lag. But why do you get jet lag? And what can you do to avoid it? Learn more about jet lag in this article and get 7 tips on how to avoid jet lag on your trip. Why do you get jet lag? ... Read more

Vienna is once again the most liveable city in the world

The Economist Intelligence Unit has once again named Vienna the most liveable city in the world in 2023. The EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) is part of “The Economist Group” and provides forecasting and consulting services at an international level. The ... Read more

New research: Climate change has doubled turbulence in the last 40 years

If you are flying this summer, there is a certain risk that you will experience turbulence. According to British researchers, turbulence has increased by more than 50 percent in the last 40 years, and there are many indications that turbulence will worsen further in line with global warming... Read more

How to maintain the holiday atmosphere despite chaos at the airport

There is traffic jam not only on the roads, but also at the airports. The summer holidays are just around the corner. But staff shortages, strikes and lost luggage have, just like last year, left many airports in chaos. In this article, you will get our tips to get to your destination sa... Read more

Fear of summer holiday chaos at European airports

Every third flight in Europe is at risk of being affected by a strike announced by European air traffic controllers. This not only increases the risk of luggage being delayed, damaged or lost, but also the possibility of flight delays and cancellations. Following a breakdown... Read more

Lufthansa is no longer the most valuable airline in Europe

Delta is the world’s most valuable airline measured by brand value, according to a new study by Brand Finance. The English brand assessment company, Brand Finance, has evaluated the world’s airlines and the strength of their individual brands. Delta Air Li... Read more

Palma de Mallorca – remove need to separate liquids and electronics from hand luggage

Palma de Mallorca airport on the holiday island of Mallorca has adopted a new security system which means that liquids and electronics can stay in the hand luggage and do not have to be put in a special bag. Following the increase in travel after the pandemic and the problems of st... Read more

500,000 free airline tickets are intended to bring tourists back in Hong Kong

Three years of severe corona restrictions in Hong Kong have left their mark on foreign tourism. But the Hong Kong government is taking new steps to attract foreign tourists to the metropolis on the South China Sea. According to John Lee, who leads the government in the metro... Read more

The British low-cost carrier Flybe suspends all flights – what are your rights?

Less than a year after Flybe got back on its feet after declaring bankruptcy, the company once again has to turn the key. Now all flights are cancelled. British regional low-cost carrier Flybe has canceled all its flights for the second time in three years. The... Read more

WHO urges long-haul passengers to wear masks yet again

New year, new variant. A new COVID-19 variant has prompted the WHO to once again recommend that all air travelers wear masks on long-haul flights. The World Health Organization (WHO) urges passengers to wear masks on long-haul flights in a press release issued on... Read more

The 3 most common reasons for flight delays

It is nearly impossible to avoid flight delays and cancellations.  You may have experienced a flight delay or perhaps you have even experienced it up to several times? 2022 was a difficult year, as the aviation industry struggled to meet the increasing demand. Correspondingly, sta... Read more

You can soon use 5G on your flight in the EU

Passengers on flights within Europe will soon be able to use their phone with high-capacity 5G connections without activating airplane mode. The European Commission has decided that airlines must offer 5G technology onboard in addition to allowing mobile data. This means that... Read more

What is an extraordinary circumstance?

Airlines refer to the term “extraordinary circumstance” quite often. This term means that the airline does not have to pay compensation to passengers for flight delays and cancellations. But what is an extraordinary circumstance and in what cases does it apply? ... Read more

The world’s first net zero transatlantic flight takes off at the end of 2023

Virgin Atlantic will operate the world’s first net zero transatlantic flight in 2023. It will be a milestone in the history of the aviation industry. The first ever all-green transatlantic flight takes off in the UK next year. This is evidenced in a press release from the B... Read more

The Colosseum’s secret underground tunnels are open to the public for the first time

The Colosseum from Roman times hosted gladiatorial battles, naval battles, theatrical performances, and cruel public executions. Under the arena floors of the Colosseum, you will find a completely different world, and precisely the underground world is now open to the public for the first tim... Read more

Restrictions are easing for two of the most popular travel destinations. Here is your travel guide

Travel restrictions are easing this summer for two of the most popular travel destinations. It is therefore a must to be updated about the new t ravel guide for Italy and Germany. Italy are just reopening after a two month lockdown caused by a third wave of ... Read more

Will air travel become more expensive when COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted?

When it makes sense for all of us to start traveling again, there will probably be a major boom in activity. But will it be more expensive to fly out into the world when travel restrictions are lifted? Yes that is a good question. There is no definitive answer to this que... Read more

Travelling to the EU & EU Tourism Amid COVID-19

Despite a surge in coronavirus cases worldwide, many travellers are eager to get back to their favourite places – and one of the most popular is the European Union. EU travel saw an uptick over the summer months and often sees another around Christmas time as tourists flock to markets and p... Read more

Travelling to the EU & EU Tourism Amid COVID-19

Despite a surge in coronavirus cases worldwide, many travellers are eager to get back to their favourite places – and one of the most popular is the European Union. EU travel saw an uptick over the summer months and often sees another around Christmas time as tourists flock to markets and pic... Read more

EU Travel: Which Countries Have Border Restrictions?

As the months of coronavirus quarantine tick on, travellers continue to wonder: Where can I travel in the EU? The answer depends on where you’re travelling from. Holiday Season Travel Restrictions As we approach the winter holiday season, there has been a push to create a comprehe... Read more

The Future of Aviation: Air Travel Won’t Be Normal Until 2024

Travel and tourism revenue is expected to decrease by nearly 35% in 2020, with up to 100 million jobs lost. Major airlines have already cut around 70,000 jobs, including major cuts from Lufthansa and British Airways, among others. The number of scheduled flights has... Read more

US Citizens Looking For Loopholes in EU Travel Ban

The coronavirus has had an enormous effect on the travel industry. Flight bookings dropped by 55% between March and April 2020. Airlines could lose up to $314 billion in revenue. And so far, 217 countries have put travel restrictions in place, including Europe. In fact, Europe is expected to ... Read more

Council Reviews List of Approved Countries to Travel To

When the global pandemic began, parts of Europe went into total lockdown. Italy’s nationwide lockdown began March 9, and many other countries followed. Others, like Sweden, initiated “soft” lockdowns without widely imposed travel bans or closures. But as countries started to get a handl... Read more

List of Countries Approved for EU Travel

The European Union is slowly welcoming travellers back to the country since it shut is borders earlier this year in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Based on travel recommendations by the EU Council, some countries are now on the approved travel list thanks to their abilit... Read more

How Cancelled & Delayed Flight Compensation Works

Most frequent travellers have experienced inconveniences at the airport, from unnecessary long delays to that unexpected cancelled flight. To some passengers, a delayed or cancelled flight may mean missing an important meeting, but to others, it could be that one opportunity to get away or la... Read more

EU Opens Borders but Bans Americans

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak growing exponentially in Europe, the EU closed its external borders and implemented a travel ban in March. After months of lockdown, the EU and other European nations began opening their borders and welcoming nonessential travellers starting the first of July. T... Read more

Which EU Countries Are Easing COVID-19 Travel Restrictions?

Until recently, non-essential travel was prohibited throughout much of the EU and to and from international destinations. However, as many countries begin to get a handle on their COVID-19 outbreaks – and as the summer tourism season gets in full swing – member states are taking a fresh l... Read more

How to Prevent Coronavirus When Travelling

For months, nearly the entire world has been on lockdown, with only essential travel permitted. As restrictions ease, any and all COVID travel that takes people farther from home will become more common. Whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure, if you’re considering a trip that tak... Read more

Guide to Becoming a Frequent Flyer

No matter how frequently you fly, you’ve probably thought about joining a frequent flyer program so you can earn miles when you travel. Major airlines offer free-to-join loyalty programs to encourage you to fly with their airlines. You can accumulate points to redeem for free flights or... Read more

Reasons Why Your Flight Is Overbooked

You’ve probably heard stories of passengers who have been denied boarding because their flight is overbooked. If you travel often enough, chances are you’ll eventually be asked to give up your seat or forced to take another flight. Undoubtedly, you’ll be wondering, why is my flight over... Read more

Top Travel Tips for Staying Safe from COVID-19 While Travelling

Currently, health officials have reported tens of thousands of cases of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus. This situation has affected people globally, causing many people around the world to feel anxious about travelling and becoming infected. But wha... Read more

Tips for Getting Cheap, Last-Minute Flights

Last-minute flights are never the best way to travel, but life doesn’t always cooperate with planning ahead. There’s a saying that goes something like, “When you make plans, the universe laughs.” And that can hold true when travelling. Unexpected events can happen – but when they do... Read more

What To Expect When You Go Through Customs

The customs process can be confusing, even for seasoned travelers. The answers to questions like, “when do you go through customs?” and “how long do customs take?” vary based on your departure city, your port of entry, your citizenship status and more. Customs inspection may be combin... Read more

6 Hacks To Change Your Flight Without Paying Fees

If you’re asking, “How can I change my flight without paying a fee?” you might already be in a sticky situation. However, it does pay to do your research and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances before you even book your flight. We’ll cover all your questions here and give you 6 h... Read more

Cheat Sheet for The Best Time To Buy Airline Tickets

Did you know economy fares change an average of 61 times from when they’re posted until the departure date? That’s a lot of fluctuation! Plus, even on the same flight, there could an array of different prices based on class, luggage allowances, seat selection and more. The people that end... Read more

What Happens If You Miss Your Connecting Flight Due to Delay

One thing many people think about when they’re flying a long distance with a connecting flight – especially if the connecting time is short – is “What happens if my flight is delayed and I miss my connection?” Thankfully, passengers traveling within the EU and on flights de... Read more

What To Do If Your Flight Is Cancelled

Delayed and cancelled flights can make you feel lost and frustrated. Missing your connecting flight due to delay can cause your whole trip to be off schedule. When a flight is cancelled entirely, it’s even more of a hassle. You don’t know if you’ll be able to get another ... Read more

Understanding EU Flight Delay Compensation and How to Qualify

Frequent flyers know that if you fly enough, you’re bound to end up experiencing flight delays, cancellations, and overbookings that can wreak havoc on your travel plans and stress levels. Beyond being a nuisance, you may actually be entitled to compensation. Said compensation can ... Read more

When Do Flights Get Cancelled Due to Snow?

Last January, bad weather helped cancel hundreds of flights across Europe as a strong winter storm disrupted travel to and from the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. Two years ago, during the 2017/2018 winter season, flights in northern Europe were again grounded en masse... Read more

Flying on Christmas Eve: What You Need to Know

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Holiday Packing Tips: Flying During the Holidays

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British Airways and Brexit: Your Flights Won’t Be Impacted

In 1999, the imminent switchover in computerized dates prompted a worldwide scare as the new millennium approached. The issue, experts argued, were dates stored in computer systems as two digits instead of the proper four, which meant the year 1999—stored simply as ’99’... Read more

What is EU261 Compensation for a Delayed or Cancelled Flight?

As the holiday travel season quickly approaches, many international travelers will spend hours in airports waiting for flights that bring them closer to loved ones or friends — or for a quick getaway while seeking out more suitable weather. But while a few hours queuing and waiting... Read more

At What Point Do Flights Get Cancelled Due to Weather?

Air travel is heavily regulated and while it’s true that airlines can often be their own worst enemy and create issues, extreme weather is the most frequent culprit. Flight cancellations happen. It’s part of the game. The purpose of this post is to explain what has to... Read more

Brexit Air Travel: Brexit Won’t Interfere With UK Travel

If you’re worried about traveling into or out of the UK in a post-Brexit world — you’re not alone. For the most part, however, post-Brexit air travel won’t be a catastrophic event, complete with stranded travelers and grounded planes in every corner of the world. Realisticall... Read more

EU Regulation 261/2004 Guide to Get Compensated for Cancelled Flights

There is no worse way to begin your holiday than with cancelled or delayed flights. If you are travelling in any of the European Union (EU) countries, there are regulations in place that ensure that you are able to get flight cancellation compensation . In 2004, the Eu... Read more

What to Pack in a Carry-On for International Flights

Packing your luggage for a domestic or international flight is stressful but knowing what to pack in your carry on for an international flight is just as hard. You need to make sure you have all essential items as well as entertainment for the plane ride or in the event that there are flight ... Read more

5 Tips for Packing When Flying to College

Regardless of your destination, packing for a trip can be a hectic process. When you find yourself preparing for a year away at a university, potentially cross-country or even across the continent, there are even more factors to consider that lead to added stress. We’ve already shown you ... Read more

13 Tips and Tricks for Flying in the Summer

We are in the midst of the summer and if you are looking for more information to ensure a smooth process, TravelRefund has you covered. Tips and tricks for flying are invaluable, and we want to help you prepare for the challenges that are associated with air t... Read more

Beginners Guide on How To Fly Internationally Like an Expert

The step-by-step process that airline travel demands can be tedious. We recently published a list of airport travel tips for you to reference when preparing for your next trip, and while we hope that those tips serve as a guiding light, we understand that the chal... Read more

9 Important Tips for First Time Flyers

Traveling in any capacity comes with a lot of preparation. When it comes to airline travel,  there are new variables that need to be considered. Understanding the do’s and don’ts of traveling via airline is tough without experience. If you are a first time ... Read more

Flight Delayed 3 Hours or More? When You Should File a Claim

Air travel is one of the more complex technical accomplishments in modern history, that much is undeniable. However, it’s far from a perfect system. Airlines and their employees often find themselves under continuous pressure and stress, especially when a flight ... Read more

How is Flight Delay Compensation Calculated?

If you haven’t dealt with a flight delay that enters compensation claim territory, you might not be aware of your rights. If you haven’t found yourself in similar situations multiple times over, it’s likely that you aren’t going to be prepared for what’s... Read more

Airport Travel Tips: Early Check-in, Flight Delay Compensation and More

These days, people are focused on speeding things up. Convenience is king. When it comes to flying, there are so many factors to prepare for that you might be in need of airport travel tips . We know that traveling can be stressful, so we took the initiativ e and ... Read more

Flight Cancellation Compensation for Business Travelers

Traveling for business has a unique feel to it. Most times, being at an airport means you are looking forward to personal time, relaxation, and vacation. That isn’t the case when you are traveling for work. Nonetheless, issues can arise and flights can be delayed and ev... Read more

Flight Cancellation Compensation and How it Works in Large Groups and Families

A flight delay or cancellation is an easy way to put dampen the mood of the family or big group trip that you have been planning for months. You have rights as a passenger in the EU, and going after flight delay compensation is how you defend them. Flight ca... Read more

Is Flight Delay Compensation Worth It?

While dealing with a flight delay or cancellation, getting fair compensation likely isn’t at the top of mind. Instead, you are focused on finishing your travels and getting to your final destination without any more setbacks. No amount of thought can prepare you for the... Read more

Asserting Your Rights as A Passenger

Each day, countless travelers in the European Union fall victim to delayed, overbooked, and canceled flights. In the past passengers would be facing unlikely odds, and oftentimes they would c o me up empty-handed. Today, h ... Read more

8 Circumstances To Note for Flight Delay Compensation

The European Passenger Rights Regulation EC 261/04 provides protection for EU airline passengers against flight delays and cancellations. However, not every flight delay or cancellation is grounds for a flight delay compensation claim. We are prepared to... Read more

Your Guide on How to Get Your Travel Refund

Frequent EU airline travelers are all too familiar with the reality of flight delays and cancelled flights. Going after flight delay compensation might not be as familiar of a concept, but TravelRefund believes it’s a battle worth fighting. ... Read more

How Long Does Travel Compensation Take?

Understanding your rights as a passenger in the EU when flight delay compensation is mentioned comes with one caveat. That caveat is something that the European Passenger Rights Regulation EC 261/04 doesn’t specifically outline. We are... Read more

You Can Never Lose Money With This Flight Compensation Company

Delaying with flight cancellations or delays can be a hassle. We know that. If your flight was taking off, or landing in the EU, you might be due compensation. Passengers like you have rights. Going through the proper channels... Read more

Things Airlines Do When Trying to Avoid Flight Compensation

Delay, delay, delay. It’s a business tactic that has been around forever, and it especially applies to big businesses. Airlines are no different. Stalling is a common strategy for airlines that are dealing with flight cancellations or delays and the claim that will be followin... Read more

Flight Delays & Cancellations: What are Your Rights as a Traveler?

Your bags are packed and, so far, everything is running smoothly as you head to the airport. You know that feeling. Whether it’s for a family vacation, a weekend getaway, or a business trip, you want getting to your gate at the airport to be a smooth process. Nothing can throw a wrench in... Read more

What is Flight Compensation?

There is a laundry list of stressors that come along with traveling. Flying is particularly finicky because of the lack of travel options, other than via airplane, for getting to your destination in a timely fashion. Each day, countless travelers fall victim to delayed, overbooked, and ca... Read more

Asta has flown with Norwegian Air Shuttle and has received: 467 €

Cecilie has flown with EasyJet and has received: 388 €

Bent has flown with KLM and has received: 623 €

Tommy has flown with EasyJet and has received: 623 €

Thea has flown with Ryanair and has received: 383 €

Ida has flown with Ryanair and has received: 383 €

Lars has flown with Ryanair and has received: 383 €

Leif has flown with Norwegian Air Shuttle and has received: 1.246 €

Henrik has flown with Ryanair and has received: 958 €

Jákup has flown with British Airways and has received: 388 €

Jan has flown with Scandinavian Airlines System and has received: 623 €

Eva has flown with Norwegian Air Shuttle and has received: 582 €

Anna Sofie has flown with Norwegian Air Shuttle and has received: 194 €

Maja has flown with KLM and has received: 623 €

Linda has flown with Norwegian Air Shuttle and has received: 623 €