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Claim Compensation for Flight Delays

The EU261 is legislation that was passed in the European Union in 2004 that allows passengers to claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flights. It’s intended to protect passengers against trip disruption and provide an incentive for airlines to avoid delays and be more punctual. EU261 goes beyond flight delay claims and even provides basic services to travelers when they are stranded in the airport. It also provides the right for a traveler to refuse a rescheduled flight if they are delayed for more than five hours.

TravelRefund focuses on helping you claim flight compensation after your flight has been delayed or canceled. Depending on the country you bring the flight delay claim to, you can file a claim anywhere from 1 year up to 10 years after your delayed flight. The country is usually determined by where the headquarters of the airline is located or where the court is that decides the cases concerning the airline. In general, it’s safe to say that if your delayed or canceled flight happened within the past year, you’ll be able to file a flight delay claim.

How to Claim Flight Delay Compensation

Claiming compensation for flight delays is an easy process, especially when you file with TravelRefund. Here’s what to do if you’ve experienced air carrier delays or flight cancellation:

1. Find Out If You’re Eligible

EU261 doesn’t apply to everyone, so the first step to filing a flight delay claim is to determine if you’re eligible. The regulation applies to all passengers who flew from an airport within the EU, regardless of the airline. It also applies to passengers who flew from outside the EU, as long as they flew on an airline based in the EU.

To be eligible to claim flight compensation, you must be delayed for 3 hours or more. Your eligibility also depends on the length of your flight and whether your delayed or canceled flight was due to circumstances within the airline’s control. You can use our website to find more information about EU261 passenger rights or call us to talk to an expert. The free trip delay compensation checker on this page can also help you determine if you’re eligible.

2. File a Flight Delay Claim with TravelRefund

The form on this page is designed to determine your eligibility to claim compensation for flight delay, as well as calculate how much you might be entitled to. You’ll be asked for some contact information so we can get in touch with you regarding your claim.

Note that airlines often claim extraordinary circumstances to avoid paying a claim, but that can sometimes be disputed in court based on the situation. Therefore, it can still be worth a try to file a flight delay claim with TravelRefund even if you’re not sure if you’re eligible. Fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.

3. Let TravelRefund Go to Work

Once you give us information about your flight delay or cancellation, it’s time for us to go to work. We handle all of the communication with the airline, which is typically the most time-consuming part of the process. We’re a leading flight compensation company and we’ll fight for your claim in court if necessary (note that it may take longer for you to receive your refund if we need to go to court). Check out our page on how flight delay compensation works for more detailed information.

If we’re successful, we take a small percentage of the refund. If we’re not successful, there’s no cost to you. That’s a win-win situation!

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