Your Guide on How to Get Your Travel Refund

Frequent EU airline travelers are all too familiar with the reality of flight delays and cancelled flights. Going after flight delay compensation might not be as familiar of a concept, but TravelRefund believes it’s a battle worth fighting.

Getting compensated for a delayed or cancelled flight from an airline is your right. Aren’t you selling yourself short by accepting less than what you are owed? We think so.

So, your flight has been delayed or cancelled and you don’t know what to do about it. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we are going to explore your rights, and explain how you can collect compensation for flight delays or cancellations.

EU Air Passenger Rights

The passing of European Passenger Rights Regulation EC 261/04 was a major moment for air passenger rights in the EU. The regulation protects against more than just flight cancellations , it covers covering lengthy delays, missed connecting flights due to airline error, and overbooked flights as well.

Getting what you are owed is a matter of responsibility. Your rights to compensation for flight delays or cancellations don’t stop there. Airlines are required to accept a duty of care for passengers. You may also be entitled to refreshments, meals, and transportation reimbursement.

These rights apply to any passenger who is facing flight cancellations or delays in the EU. It’s important to understand that you have a right to flight delay compensation . If this is news to you, it’s in your best interest to keep reading.

How to Get Your Travel Refund

Getting your compensation request fulfilled is what we are here to do. We work on a no cure, no pay basis which means if the case fails in court, you won’t be charged. That is the foundation of our practice, and it’s made possible by our dedication to details. Let’s start with understanding the circumstances surrounding your flight.

Check the Circumstances

Depending on the circumstances of your delay or cancellation, you might be entitled to compensation from a European airline in return. The circumstances matter a great deal in this type of situation.

If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to compensation from the airline. Payouts will range from €250-600, but that will depend on a variety of factors. The two most important being:

  • The length of your journey
  • How long the delay lasts

Short distance delays (anything below 1500km of travel), call for compensation of €250. Medium distance (between 1500km and 3500km) can result in €400 in flight delay compensation . Long distance flight delays (anything over 3500km) calls for compensation of €600 per passenger.

Being aware of your rights and getting what you’re owed is the best potential outcome, but there are guidelines to follow. Sometimes, situations will break in favor of the airline. If there are issues relating to things like severe weather, air traffic controllers, or faulty airport equipment the airline can’t be held responsible.

However, a 2015 ruling tightened the process up when the European Court of Justice ruled that unforeseen technical problems weren’t going to get airlines off the hook when faced with a flight delay compensation case.

You need to trust that the airline is going to have their facts straight. They can, and will, delay the process while poking holes in your request unless you document everything along the way.

Document Everything

When you go after flight delay compensation , it’s reasonable to find going through this type of lengthy process discouraging. Airlines will require you to meticulously check off every box, jump through every hoop, and overcome any hurdle while they are exploring the validity of your claim. You should be prepared for such a battle.

We want to remind you that the airline has certain obligations to fulfill, and having the paper trail to back your claim up can help push things along. This starts from the moment you book your flight. In the event of a flight cancellation, the airline is required to keep you informed regarding your rights. Every bit of purchase information, flight schedules, and airline communication should be documented so when it comes time to make your claim, there aren’t any gaps in your story that will provide the airline with a chance to wiggle out of paying compensation for a cancelled or delayed flight.

Make a Claim Through a Travel Compensation Company

Contacting the airline, whether it’s by phone, online form, or some other method of contact, is going to be the first step. However, turning to the professionals and letting them handle is a wise decision.

Going with a travel compensation company is the path of least resistance for any passenger who anticipates a fight for flight delay compensation .

Letting the professionals fight for you.

Airlines lose their best leverage play when professionals are introduced to the equation. Delay tactics are removed from the playbook and your flight delay compensation claim will start to move, with professional lawyers pushing it forward.

The timeline for finding a solution is tough to predict because of how many factors come into play here, but professional guidance will be a game changer . Doing so will save you time and earn you money in the long run.

Travel Refund Wants to Help You

TravelRefund’s mission is to ensure that you get the flight delay compensation you are entitled to. It’s that simple.

Flight Delay Compensation

There is a purpose behind our mission. We never slow down, and we are always innovating our strategy as we try and improve this process so that our clients get what they deserve in a timely fashion.

TravelRefund operates on a no cure, no pay basis. Either you get your compensation, or you don’t. If the case doesn’t end in victory, you will never get a bill from us. A more substantial compensation payment will accompany the only bill we plan on sending.

Learn more about your options when making a flight delay compensation request for free by filling out our online form .

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