You Can Never Lose Money With This Flight Compensation Company

Delaying with flight cancellations or delays can be a hassle. We know that. If your flight was taking off, or landing in the EU, you might be due compensation.

Passengers like you have rights. Going through the proper channels to exercise those rights and get what you are owed will be two of these three things: lengthy, costly, or ineffective. At TravelRefund , our goal is to make this process a painless one, and most importantly one that doesn’t cause you to lose money. In no way should you be facing a monetary loss when going through this process.

Let’s start by outlining where your rights for EU flight delay compensation originates.

A Review of Your Rights as a Passenger

The European Passenger Rights Regulation EC 261 from 2004 states that passengers are entitled to payouts ranging from €250-600. A payout will depend on a variety of factors, but two factors are chief among them:

  • The length of your journey
  • How long you were delayed

You become eligible for compensation in the event that your flight is delayed and you are forced to wait for more than three hours. Short distance flight delays (anything below 1500km of travel), call for EU flight delay compensation of €250. Medium distan ce flight delays (between 1500km and 3500km) can mean you are due €400 in compensation. Long distance flight delays (anything over 3500km) calls for compensation of €600 per passenger.

There is more to it than just money owed. The airline is obligated to offer you another flight to the same destination. Otherwise, they are required to refund your ticket as a form of compensation for any flight cancellations . You are also going to be entitled to necessary accommodations from the airline. This can include a meal and refreshments while you wait for the next available flight. In the event of the cancellation extending to the next day, the airline is obligated to provide further accommodations, including hotel reservations and means of transportation.

Getti ng Your Compensation For An EU Flight Delay

Flight delays that turn into flight cancellations require action, and going at it alone will only empower the airline to delay the process. We are not only willing to take the necessary steps to get what you are owed, but we have the tools to make it a reality.

We collect data and use it to help build cases. By leveraging an elaborate database that houses actual flight schedules and weather conditions, and combining it with years of experience we have built our way up to a 98% success rate in court. ACEA Law, one of Europe’s leading law firms when it comes to airplane compensations, handles all of our claims.

Flight cancellations or delays present an immediate burden, and it can spiral if you don’t take the correct steps forward. We are more than well equipped t o take on your claim, and we understand that it might sound like an expensive process. However, our no cure, no pay policy will calm your fear of a hefty bill.

No Cure, No Pay

Our motto of “no cure, no pay” is the very foundation of the service we pr ovide. It means that if you are seeking compensation for an EU flight delay or cancellation, you only pay a fee if we succeed in winning the case and the airline pays the compensation.

Our team is prepared to navigate the obstacles that airlines will put up, and we will anticipate the excuses that they lean on when faced with an EU flight delay compensation claim. If the airline was responsible for the delay, we are prepared to make them pay up. Our legal experts will fight so that your claim proves to be beneficial.

As soon as your claim is filed with us, we will contact the airline and make the compensation claim on your behalf. There are no hidden fees, that’s not what we do. If, on the other hand, we fail to get your compensation, you will not be c harged anything. Our service will be free.

What TravelRefund Can Do For You

So, why TravelRefund ? One reason is that we value transparency. To put it simply, we will prioritize your case and fight for your rights as a passenger. To collect compensation for a flight delay in the EU you are going to need representation from someone who is authorized by the national police in one of the member states to carry out debt collection.

We clearly outline our flight compensation pricelist so there is no miscommunication along the way as we are working together to get the compensation you are due.

If you are interested in learning more about our price list, or you wish to check on your options when making an EU flight delay compensation request, all you need to do is fill out our online form . From there, we will handle every aspect of communication and as we have outlined above, there is a no cure, no pay policy in place.

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