Airport Travel Tips: Early Check-in, Flight Delay Compensation and More

These days, people are focused on speeding things up. Convenience is king. When it comes to flying, there are so many factors to prepare for that you might be in need of airport travel tips . We know that traveling can be stressful, so we took the initiativ e and put together a list of tips for you to consider.

Below, we explore the struggle of traveling via airline, and what you need to change up to expedite the process on your next trip – whether it’s checking in early, luggage claim, or even compensation for a delayed flight.

13 Tips to Make Airport Travel Easier

1. Pack Smart

Regardless of why you are traveling, our first airport travel tip organizing yourself as you pack will make your trip easier. In general, being organized is beneficial and can help simplify any endeavor. A neatly packed suitcase and carry-on will expedite the process at security checkpoints, and will help guarantee that you aren’t forgetting anything, if you pay attention to what you are bringing with you and handle your lug gage with care.

2. Dress Smarter

You need to take your comfort into your own hands when traveling via plane. That starts with what you wear. We really recommend having a go-to traveling outfit, especially if you are frequently flying. Comfort is one factor and making security a quicker p rocess is the other. Belts, complicated shoes, and jewelry can slow things down and you will find yourself holding up the security line.

3. Check-in Online

These days, it’s totally possible to make your way through the airport and get to your gate by talking to no more than a handful of people. Checking-in online provides you with flight information, your boarding pass, and in some situations, it can expedite the seat selection process. If you don’t go with the mobile option, there are always kiosks av ailable that will push you along towards the gate. Checking in is one aspect of traveling that airlines have been rushing to automate, it makes their job easier as well.

4. Track Your Flight Status

Is there inclement weather on the way? Are conditions at your destination less than ideal for air travel? These are just a few of the situations where you can get ahead of the situation and prepare for what’s to come. On the airlines side of things, there are a lot of possibilities that can get in the way of your flight being on time. Flying requires a lot of preparation, and you need to stay up to date on the status of your flight in order to make the whole process smoother, quicker, and painless. These airline travel tips are focused on removing the unknown from your travel experience. In the case of a status update that isn’t exactly good news, you need to be prepared to request flight delay compensation .

5. Choose the Best Option fo r Transportation

Options will vary depending on the time of your flight and the length of your trip. Your proximity to the airport will also have an impact. But if you need to map out train times, schedule a rideshare, or check on the parking lot situation at the airport, it’s best to get on it as early as possible.

6. Visualize the Path to Your Gate

First, make sure you are at the right terminal. That airport travel tip should be an important one, but what do we know.

Alright, we got that covered. N ow, as you wait in the security line, look for signs that will point you in the direction of your gate. This will be especially crucial if you are running late, but we would like to avoid that altogether.

7. Arrive with T i me to Spare

Running on a tight schedule is an easy way to stress yourself out. Once that happens, the airport experience becomes a drag. In a way, this is the most basic of our tips for airport travel . It comes down to personal preference, so you need to ask yourself how much time you need as a buffer, for you to be comfortable? By being able to proceed calmly, your trip gets off on the right foot.

8. Simplify the Security Line

We touched upon this earlier, but it’s important enough to reiterate. Both packing and dressing smart are tips for airport travel that lead to a pleasant security line experience. If you are feeling particularly savvy, you can explore your options for each line and pick the one that you deem to be moving the fastest, or the one with the leas t number of children.

9. Keep Your Cool

Getting caught up over little issues can lead to extended encounters with security, interactions at the gate that will lead to an awkward boarding process, and poor experiences on the flight. These are drastic s ituations, but we want to remind you that everybody has places to be, and sometimes it’s better to roll with the punches and focus on getting to your final destination.

10. Check Your Flight Status, Again

This is around the time when changes to your flight status will be the most surprising. You might be comfortable at the gate, but then a push notification informs you of a flight delay. Being proactive in a situation like this, especially if the delay continues, can lead to flight delay compensation, a result of regulation EU 261 .

1 1. Pay Attention to Announcements

Sometimes you might catch yourself in a groove with your headphones in, listening to your favorite album or the latest episode of your favorite podcast, but it’s important not to tune out announcements, especially if you are traveling alone. You might miss crucial information regarding your flight.

12. Prepare for Delays

Do you know your rights to flight delay compensation as a passenger in the EU? If you don’t it’s time you read up on them.

Delays are a sad reality of airline travel. There aren’t any specifics to share, because each situation is unique, but the most general tip for airport travel we can think of is this – be prepared for the worst.

13. Create a Game Plan for W hen You Land

Landing blind and having no idea what comes next is an easy way to slow the whole travel process down. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of what we would consider a key tip for airport travel. This includes transportation from the airport to yo ur next stop, marking your luggage if you checked bags, and communicating with those you traveled with, or are meeting up with.

Assisting You with Any Flight Delays

We hope your travel experience is smooth. However, delays are a reality and we are focused on protecting your rights as a passenger. In the event of a flight delay or cancellation, our last tip for airport travel is for you to explore the validity of your compensation claim by reaching out to the professionals.

TravelRefund is dedicated to getting you the flight delay compensation you are owed, in a timely fashion. We operate on a no cure, no pay basis, so you won’t get charged if our case isn’t victorious.

If you are interested in learnin g about your options when filing a claim for your flight delay, fill out our online form and we will reach out to you!

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