9 Important Tips for First Time Flyers

Traveling in any capacity comes with a lot of preparation. When it comes to airline travel,  there are new variables that need to be considered.

Understanding the do’s and don’ts of traveling via airline is tough without experience. If you are a first time flyer, we have the tips you need to start your adventure on the right foot.

9 Tips for First Time Flyers

1. Pack With a Purpose

If it’s your first time flying, packing with purpose is of the utmost importance. Organizing your things will make your trip easier, and it will help you organize your trip before you even leave the house.

Reference the limitations for the airport and airline security and make sure that you aren’t in violation of any regulations that will hamper your first flight. By putting the effort into neatly packing your suitcase and carry-on, you will expedite the process at security checkpoints.  Pay attention to what you are bringing with you and handle your luggage with care. Use this travel experience as a reference for future trips, so that you can perfectly pack and prepare yourself for a wonderful flight.

2. Dress Smart

Deciding on an outfit for your first flight will depend on the circumstances that bring you to the airport. What we want to stress, however, is that dressing smartly will have a variety of benefits as you go on your way. For starters, your comfort on the flight is an important factor. From a security standpoint, layers, belts, and complicated shoes can make checkpoints a longer stop than they need to be.

Ultimately this comes down to preparation. Security checkpoints can be hectic, and planes can be uncomfortable. Protecting yourself against those factors is easy if you dress for success.

3. Make Sure You Have All Necessary Travel Documents Before Leaving

When traveling via airplane you will need a valid form of identification, your boarding pass, and other documents depending on your final destination.

Forgetting important documentation is a surefire way to get off on the wrong foot during your first airport experience. Waiting until the last minute is an easy way to forget important clothes, electronics, or other travel necessities. The difference between those things and your travel documents is that you can figure out how to replace a shirt or phone charger once you land. Without the required documents, you won’t even be able to get to your gate.

4. Double Check That You Have EVERYTHING!

This is so important we feel it deserves two spots on our list of tips for first-time flyers. In some cases, you should even check your email, or the airline’s mobile app before you leave, just in case there is a delay. Passengers have a right to flight delay compensation in the EU,

Travel documents are number one. You could realistically fly with nothing but your travel documents and get to your destination. Missing documentation is the number 1 stressor of any frequent flyer. Next, make sure you aren’t leaving without making a currency exchange if you are galavanting the globe!

5. Plan to Arrive With Time to Spare

Running late for a flight is one of the worst experiences any traveler can experience. It’s our recommendation that, as a first-time flyer, you leave yourself and your party time to spare.

Regrettably, being on time can’t ensure a smooth flight. Flight delays and cancellations occur, but you have the rights to flight delay compensation if the situation arises.

6. Be Patient With Security

Okay, you arrive at the airport. If you have been following along with our tips for first-time flyers, you packed smart, dressed smarter, and double-checked that you have every document you need to travel. Next, you hop in the security line with more than enough time. No stress involved.

At this point, losing your patience at a checkpoint is the only way you can harm your chances of a positive first experience as an airline traveler. An efficient security line requires attentive, prepared passengers. If you aren’t part of that solution, you will likely be harming the travel experience of everyone behind you.

7. Make Your Way to the Gate

If you have made it this far, you are almost…. almost , in the clear. Now it’s time to find your gate.

Depending on the size of the airport you are traveling out of, this will prove to be various levels of difficulty. As a first time flyer, the jitters might kick in, but stay calm! There will be plenty of airport maps and signage to direct you.

Hit the restroom or convenience store on the way, and settle in once you arrive. Maybe even confirm with an airline representative that you are in the right place, to calm the nerves.

8. Board the Plane in Orderly Fashion

If you have successfully made it this far, boarding should be a breeze. This is really a more organized process if everybody follows the directions. However, that applies to most things!

Your boarding pass is your golden ticket at this point and It has all the information you need. Once you are scanned forward and make your way down to the airplane, there are only a few more steps to consider.

9. Find Your Seat, Get Comfortable and Prepare for Takeoff

If you thought boarding was easy, the same rules apply to your actions on the plane. Find your seat, and secure your carry on in an overhead bin that is close by. During this time, be courteous of others and maybe even make a few new friends! After all, you only fly for the first time once.

If you need to calm the nerves once you sit down, pop in a piece of gum, buckle up and pop your headphones on. Take a few deep breaths, because you are almost airborne.

TravelRefund Helps You Solve Travel Woes

Flying for the first time can be exciting and we hope your travel experience is smooth. In the event that it isn’t, we want to help with asserting your rights as a passenger .

Our list of tips for airport travel applies for first-time travelers as well, but if anything goes wrong we want to help you fight for your rights and explore the validity of your compensation claim by reaching out to the professionals.

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