13 Tips and Tricks for Flying in the Summer

We are in the midst of the summer and if you are looking for more information to ensure a smooth process, TravelRefund has you covered.

Tips and tricks for flying are invaluable, and we want to help you prepare for the challenges that are associated with air travel. Below, we explore 13 tips that will improve your next travel exp e rience .

13 Tips and Tricks for Making Summer Travel Easier

Traveling via airplane is a process that comes with many layers. We have put together a list of general airport travel tips in the past, but this time around we will focus on summer travel. Here we go!

1. Pack for your Destination

Whether you are only crossing a few state lines or heading to the opposite end of the globe, pack with your destination, rather than your departure, in mind.

2. Don’t Bring Too Much

Overpacking is an easy way to create more hurdles for yourself. When putting your luggage together, start with the basics and only expand when necessary.

3. But, Bring What You Need

With that said, take this as an opportunity to create a list that will be a reference for your future travel endeavors. Make notes of what you are packing, and consider why it’s a necessity.

Examples of things that fall into this category include travel documents, a phone charger, your wallet, and more.

4. Double Up When Necessary

If you pack with efficiency there will be room for multiples of what we consider the essentials. Socks, underwear, and electronic chargers, even a portable battery if you are so inclined, will prove to be immensely valuable as you head out on your summer voyage.

5. Secure Your Home Before Leaving

If you are packed and ready to go, make sure that your home is in order. Whether you are having a friend or neighbor check in on your place while you are gone entirely depends on the length of your trip. However, you can’t put a dollar amount on the value of peace of mind while you are traveling. So make sure that that all of your boxes are checked before heading out the door.

6. Get Off on the Right Foot at the Airport

You head out the door and are on your way. The butterflies might start to kick in, that natural fear that you are forgetting something will creep up on you. If you are following this list of flying tips and tricks you have no need to worry.

Kick things off by arriving at the airport with time to spare and prepare for a smooth transition through the security checkpoint. Patience is invaluable in these situations, so it’s imperative that you give yourself a cushion in case things take longer than expected.

7. Prepare for Flight Delays and Cancellations

If you are a veteran when it comes to air travel, you are fully aware of the potential for delays and cancellations. If you are a new to air travel, this is your warning!

Take a moment to check up on your rights to compensation for flight delays as a passenger. There are many intricacies to consider, so we recommend you be prepared. Of course, we hope this doesn’t become part of your travel story, but it’s best to be prepared.

8. Bring a Book!

The best thing about reading is that there are no other variables to consider. The book is all you need. Bringing a book is a good way to conserve battery on your mobile devices or tablets before your flight, on the flight, and when you arrive at your final destination. If it’s a particularly good book, it will become synonymous with your travel experience.

9. Make Sure Your Travel Companions Are Ready Too

If you are traveling alone, things might be a little easier to manage, but passing along your knowledge of air travel will smoothen out the whole process. Whether you are traveling with a significant other, friends, or your family, it’s a team effort. Share these tips with your whole party and enjoy the trip!

10. Build a Travel Itinerary

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for pleasure or business, you need a plan to maximize your time. That starts before you land at your final destination.

Your itinerary should include the necessities for packing, your immediate plan after you land, and everything in between.

11. Eat a Smart Meal or Snack Before Boarding

Being hungry on a flight is an easy way to bring down the experience. Comfort on a plane is already a toss-up that depends on so many variables. You don’t want to throw an empty stomach into the equation. That’s not to say you can eat anything you want, make sure you are smart about the meal or light snack you end up going with.

12. Stretchhhhh!

Airplanes can be tight and depending on the length of your trip, you could find yourself cooped up in close quarters for hours and hours. Once you arrive at your gate and get settled in, do some quick stretches to loosen up and prepare for the long haul. It won’t be a fun travel experience if you step off the plane feeling worse than you did before you departed.

13. Be Safe and Enjoy Your Summer Trip

Summer travel can be hectic, but these tips are meant to simplify the process. The critical elements like your boarding pass and ID can’t be understated, but each little aspect of this list will play a role in your experience. Be safe, enjoy the journey, and, in the worst-case scenario of a flight delay or cancellation, explore your rights to compensation.

TravelRefund Helps You Solve Travel Woes

Flying for the first time can be exciting and we hope your travel experience is smooth. In the event that your flight is delayed for more than 3 hours , we want to help with asserting your rights as a passenger .

Our list of summer travel tips is meant to eliminate any traveler-induced delays. However, if anything goes wrong on the airline’s side, we want to help you fight for your rights and help you collect the compensation you are owed!

TravelRefund Will Fight For You

TravelRefund fights for the flight delay compensation that you deserve and we operate on a no cure, no pay basis. We are on your side, so we won’t be sending you a bill unless the case is victorious and even so, you are guaranteed a profit!

If you are interested in learning about your rights and compensation options when filing a claim for your flight delay, fill out our online form and we will reach out to you!

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