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Air Passenger Rights: Are You Eligible for Compensation?

Am I entitled to compensation?

If you are entitled to compensation from the airline for a delayed, overbooked or canceled flight, initially depends on whether the starting and / or final destination is within the EU, how long and why you were delayed, and whether the airline is registered in the EU.

Air route
EU registered airline
Non-EU registered airline

From and to outside the EU

From outside the EU to within the EU

From within the EU to outside the EU

From within the EU to within the EU

Keep in mind that you can easily be entitled to compensation, even if it says “no” in the schedule if you have had a connecting flight on the trip – this also applies to charter trips.

The chart says I’m entitled

In order for you to be entitled to compensation from the airline, the delay may not be due to what is called in the rules “extraordinary circumstances” – that is, things that are completely outside the airline’s control and which the airline could not in any way have predicted or prepared for .
What is an “extraordinary circumstance” is a legal assessment, and it is usually here that the battle between the airline and legal team stands.

– It is especially here that you have a great advantage of our risk-free help!

I’m interested in getting compensation, but how much can I get?

How much you can get in compensation from the airline for your overbooked, delayed or canceled flight depends on the length of the trip and how long you have been delayed when you arrived at your destination – remember that the compensation is per. passenger!

Your trup was
Case goes to court
Case doesn’t go to court

Below 1,500 km. and delayed more than 3 hours
907,50 kr.
1.450,00 kr.

Between 1,500 – 3,500 km. and delayed more than 3 hours
1.430,00 kr.
2.325,00 kr.

Over 3,500 km. and delayed between 3-4 hours
1.080,00 kr.
1.730,00 kr.

Over 3,500 km. and delayed more than 4 hours
2.175,00 kr.
3.485,00 kr.

If your flight was overbooked or canceled, it appears that it was delayed for over 3 hours and that is why the compensation rate you are entitled to.

Am I entitled to anything else?

Yes you are. If your flight is delayed for more than 2 hours, you are entitled to:

  • Free meal and refreshment
  • A free phone call

In case of a delay of more than 5 hours, you will also be entitled to a free overnight stay (if necessary) as well as transportation to and from the airport during the stay.

What is the process when treating my case?

It is important that you always have a complete overview of what is happening in your case. Once we have received the first information from you, we first begin to double check the “formal” information – which airline was responsible for your flight, how long the flight was delayed, etc. This is what we do to make sure that is the right one. airline we fix your claim against, as well as to calculate exactly how much compensation you are entitled to. Then we will send a letter to the airline where we claim the compensation you are entitled to.

At the same time, we will keep track of the requirement if the airline does not return within a reasonable period of time.

Once the airline has paid your compensation, the money will first be deducted from 19.8% for running the case at, after which they will be credited directly to your account.

What if the airline does not pay my compensation?

If the airline refuses to pay compensation, we will go in and evaluate the background for their refusal. Sometimes the delay has been caused by things that the airline can not be held responsible for. For example, if there has been a severe storm it would have been irresponsible by the airline to let the airplane fly, so they have had a good reason why your flight was delayed. If we then believe that you are not entitled to compensation for the delay, we will give you our honest assessment of it and therefore, it will not cost you anything since we offer a no cure, no pay solution.

If the airline chooses to reject the claim with a reason that we do not think is good enough, the case can be sent to court to get the airline’s decision.

All this is included in the package when you choose to use to recover your airline compensation claim!